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Best ways to treat insomnia –

Feeling drowsy?
Have difficulties in getting that good night’s sleep?
Tired of Frequent Awakening at night?

Don’t worry, hold back, Now take 5 deep breaths and relax. You are at the right place where all your sleep-related issues would be solved. Before we go on to our best ways to treat your insomnia or any other sleep disorders. It’s better we both first take a look at what they are.

What are Sleeping Disorders?

Sleep disorders have become one of the most common and upbringing challenges for all of us, especially for students and workers. Getting a good night’s sleep is all that we are looking for but are unable to get so.

Usually, most of us go through a kind of sleep problem from time to time. However, it can worsen if :

Sleep issues stay consistent
If you are always tired and feel drowsy during the daytime.

Although, most of us are fully aware of the fact that Sleep is the most important part of our life. And still, we human beings are the only mammal on the earth who sacrifices sleep the most.

Types of sleeping disorders

There are around 90 types of sleep disorders. However, the top most frequent and usual ones are:

Sleep Apnea
RLS( restless leg syndrome)

What causes sleep disorders?

Various factors can lead to a sleep disorder’s psychology. Although, sleep disorders can cause various factors and can vary from person to person. Some usual causes of Sleep disorder include:

Respiratory and Allergies problems like Cold, Cough, Sinus, respiratory infection. These can cause difficulties in breathing during sleep.

Frequent Urination is the most disturbing and frequent cause of sleep disorder of all. It disturbs sleep by waking you up before the REM period ends.

Chronic pain can create difficulties for you to go to sleep. It might wake you up even after you go to sleep. Some of the most common chronic pain includes: Back pain, arthritis, chronic fatigue, etc.

Stress & Anxiety have been shown to harm sleep consistency and quality. It makes it difficult to go and to stay asleep throughout the night.

Sleep disorders: symptoms

Sleeping disorder symptoms may vary depending upon the type and the severity of the disorder. However, some of the most usual sleep disorder symptoms include:

Daytime drowsiness
Consistent difficulty in falling and staying asleep
Abnormal breathing patterns
The strong urge in taking naps during the day.
Anxiety and irritability
Frequent urge to move while falling asleep
Weight gain

Most of the time symptoms may even be the cause of some underlying diseases. So, as we now know all about sleep disorder it’s time to know the best ways to treat insomnia.

Best ways to treat insomnia

You might be surprised to know that you can treat insomnia or any other sleep disorder naturally. In addition, you don’t always require medication for them all, lifestyle changes are all you need. However, here are some best ways to treat Insomnia:

Avoid caffeine intake after 6 pm.
Limit your screen time and fully avoid it at least 2 hours before bedtime.
Avoid exercising before bedtime.
Limit Your Alcohol Intake.
Try doing breathing exercises.
Do practice yoga.

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